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EDIT: Deadline has been moved again.


I've changed how I've wrote this because my last entry about this was all over the place! Plus I've now raised the winning prize because I thought it was too low! 

So, I've decided to hold a contest which you will have to redesign one of my characters! This journal entry will inform you about everything you need to know!

:star: revamp The Contest - Information :star: revamp 

The aim of the contest is to redesign my character Kamali Silverfang (used to be known as Silverfang). My friends and I will judge on who should win overall on the design. 

 Contest will end on the 15th September! Also, if you wish to enter please comment! I might extend the time if I don't have enough entries as well!

You can comment by entering or just draw the entry and comment when submitted! Either way is fine!

Also please draw digitally unless you're able to draw traditionally and label the colours!

Please look up birds/bats that live in Hawaii/Caribbean/Rainforest! This will give you an advantage with patterns/wings anything!

:star: revamp The Contest - Prizes :star: revamp 

If you wish to contribute to the prizes then inbox me! I don't mind at all! The reason why these prizes are quite high is because I'm looking for an eye catching design for her! 

First place will win 1,000:points:!

The old reference sheet(s); 

Silverfang The Dragon Referen" by silverfangthedragonSilverfang the dragoness ref " by silverfangthedragon

I only have these 2 reference sheets that are as 'up-to-date' as you'll get. Yet I will allow give you a few bits of information about her!

Yellow Square Bullet Her voice is Princess Celestia from My Little Pony!

Yellow Square Bullet Kamali means spirit projector!

Yellow Square Bullet Her age is unknown yet she is in her adulthood!

Yellow Square Bullet She loves feathers, dream catchers, wind chimes and lanterns!

Yellow Square Bullet She lives in Hawaiian/Rainforest/Caribbean like area/surrounding!

:star: revamp The Contest - What I want you to not change! :star: revamp 

Yellow Square Bullet Her horns (unless you have an awesome idea then please go ahead)!

Yellow Square Bullet Her main colour must be green! (There's a green in the colour scheme! Don't panic!)

Yellow Square Bullet Her thumb on her wing! She uses it in her every day life to help climb trees!

Yellow Square Bullet She must have ears like in the reference! You can get rid of the fluff if you wish (I don't mind the fluff going or not)

Yellow Square Bullet The Colour scheme provided! I have chosen the colour scheme that has a range of colours! (You can add colours if you wish!) 

Colour Scheme ~…

:star: revamp The Contest - What I want you to change! :star: revamp 

Yellow Square Bullet Her wings! They can be either feathered like a parrot, bat wings or the wings that she already has!

Yellow Square Bullet Her colours! (Use the colour scheme provided though!)

Yellow Square Bullet Her hair style! I still want her to have a mane/hair! This does not mean the same hair style (I don't mind if it is but sometimes it's nice to have a change c: )

Yellow Square Bullet Markings! I love the lines on the backs of king cheetahs and the tail marks on snow leopards! You can do different markings! 

Yellow Square Bullet Accessories! Horn rings, earrings, tail rings, you name it! I want her to have accessories! Yet if they're metal I wish them to be all the same colour (silver or gold)!

Yellow Square Bullet I would like her to have tail endings on her hinds and tail like the following (must go with wing choice! Plus these are examples!); 

Feathered - Skaia - reference sheet V.2 by Ouiatchouan

Bat (Toothless from HTTYD is a brilliant example of tail endings on hinds and tail!) - HTTYD-Night Fury Wing Diagram by CavySpirit

Bat & Feathered - Combine both yet the feathers must be on top/Dorsal of the wing)

Yellow Square Bullet Look at tropical birds like parrots! She must fit into her environment which is listen! Also, bird wings will help you see what wing shape she must have!
Yellow Square Bullet Her eye colour! It must fit in with her colour scheme! You can choose BUT it must be a pastel colour! It cannot be in that top right had corner of the colour box!

:star: revamp Entries! :star: revamp 

:icongrimolboy:Contest entry - Kamali Silverfang by Grimolboy 

~ I love the dream catcher in her hair as well as her hair colour! The feather colour design fits together very well! I also like her eye colour (even though it's different to aqua blue but it's fine)! I love how you've made bits stand out (like the blue in her wings, etc and pink in her hair). Simple and easy to see. Most of all I love the dream catcher in her hair. ouo It's awesome and such a good idea!~


:iconthebluestjay:Kamali by TheBluestJay

~ I love how you've read my journal and done so much research into her design! The wings I can tell are based off a bird which is excellent! Her accessories are just amazing and I love the shell bracelet! Very different and just awesome! Anyway, I love how you've made the wings slowly go from one colour to the other which is brilliant! I also love the mane along her tail and that you've kept it the same colour as her hair! The markings on her body are lovely and are more bold and easily spotted. ~

:icondragbax:Contest entry by DragbaX

~ When I first saw this design, my eyes were directly focused on the dream catcher necklace. It's a good idea and I love the colours chosen for it (colours look Tropical which goes with her habitat theme)! I like the different type of horn you've chosen. I also love the idea of choosing a lighter colour to the ventral (underside) of the wing and tail! Makes it stand out! ~

:iconth3frgt10warrior:Silverfang redesign entry .CE. by Th3Frgt10Warrior

~ I like the idea of the fur/mane running from down her spine to nearly the end of her tail. The 2 different blue tones is a different idea that I love (a few characters of mine have this)! The 2 massive tail rings are a different idea which I love that you've experimented! I'd love to see the other wing design you might be doing (don't have to if you don't want to)! Plus the markings stand out a lot more against the green! I also love the idea of focusing on the pink more which is quite a good idea and experiment!~


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